Our Portfolio and Our Customers Testimonials
How do we drive High Profitable Results?
We drive High Profitable Results through our signature methods and programs: 
Digital Knowledge Academy and the Expert Impact Method.
Worked with Gaby on her smart offers, sales funnels automation, and selling her offers online using webinars. Helped her expand her market and export her offers to Mexico using online courses.

"My client improved its metric by 30%, thanks to George. I applied George's training and my client have saved thousands of dollars ."
Gaby Piccott - Konnect the Dots Training
HR Professional
Worked with Marcela on turning her expertise into smart offers and online course. Created a system for her to book more clients into her training programs.

"Since learning many skills with you, I have already sold out a demo class, I booked 2 workshops..."
Marcela Cameron - Green Lemon
Certified Health and Life Coach
Worked with Wendy on overcoming her fears by selling her offers online. She pivoted her service online and applied our neuro-technology method on her marketing and sales processes, which enabled her to sell her expertise using online workshops.

"Signed 15+ people for my paint class in less than a week"
Wendy Bisset Beaver - MaiseArt Gallery 
Artist and Healer
Worked with Edgar on his digital marketing, mindset and online sales.

"I went through a deep transformation after Georges' course."

Edgar Sosa - ZeroIn Foods
Zero Sugar Chocolate
Worked with Aseel on turning her expertise into a YouTube cooking channel while creating her automated smart offer and sales funnel. 

"Created my cooking channel"

Aseel Moh Ali - Aseel Catering 
Youtube Channel for Cooking 
Worked with Omar on pivoting his expertise online and sell his smart offers online using digital knowledge products.

"Started his coffee and café consulting business and closed his first deal."

Omar Khartabil - Gamma Shift
Coffee and Café Consulting
Worked with Jorge on pivoting his service online to book more qualified clients. Also worked with him to create a new stream of income in his business by teaching other massage therapist to pivot online the same way he did.

"Started teaching other massage therapists how to build their practice online."

Jorge Tasse - Neuro Touch Therapy
Massage Therapist
Worked with Marie on her digital marketing and sales funnels automation. As well as created her smart offer that increased her sales.

"My business is doing 100% better in the pandemic, and added a new online revenue stream ."

Marie-Helene Ryder - Nearby Planet VR Halifax
Virtual Reality Entertainment 
Worked with Rohit on redesigning his smart offers. He tripled his business revenue in less than 6 months. His business is growing ever since.

"Customers are buying my offers without a second thought ."

Rohit Wanchoo - Cafmotel Technologies
VoIP Digital Phones
Worked with Tara to create her Smart offer and to create her podcast to drive more qualified leads for her business. 

"Gained confidence and I can offer more more than I thought... I started my podcast... ."

Tara Joy Andrews - Illustrator and Designer
Tara Joy Andrews Illustrator and Designer
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