More Testimonials and Happy Clients
Worked with Ian to start his business online from the ground zero. His business is growing and serving new comers across Nova Scotia.

"Getting my business off the ground ."

Ian Shepherd - Settlement Agency for New Comers
Right Start Newcomer Services
Worked with Cindy on her sales funnels automation and her smart offer.

"Get my business to the next level ."

Cindy Lee McGee - Soli Productions Management Inc.
Producing Runway shows
Worked with Ben on his sales funnels automation and his smart offer without any previous experience in digital marketing or sales automation.

"Organize my sales with little time and manpower ."

Ben Park - Yoga Medical Pants
Specialized in Yoga Items
Worked with Selman on creating his digital marketing strategy and sales automation.

"Changed the way we think of business and how to apply things the right way."

Selman Buge - Garlic Farm
Farming and Exporting
Worked with Mai on her business development, online marketing strategies, digital sales and her smart offers.

"I was wrong... Georges coaching a real game changer"

Mai Al Nabhan - OliveTree Healing Hypnosis
Healing Mental Blocks using Hypnosis Techniques
Worked with Ozgur on his sales automation and online marketing.

"Georges changed my marketing point of view and the way of making business"

Ozgur Akgun - Galena Medical Equipment
Manufacturing and Selling Medical Equipment
Worked with Ammar on selling his book online. Also worked with him on  pivoting his consulting business online, creating his smart offers, and his online course.

"Georges coached me from the ground zero, all the way up"

Ammar Al Shalabi - ErgoMinds
Engineering and Ergonomics Consulting
Worked with Serena on her mental blocks, her business development online, and her smart digital offers.

"Georges is a fantastic teacher. He walked me in a world I didn't know. He made me understand my past mistakes, and showed me the path for my future success"

Serena Milloni - Vertical Italian BBQs
Seling Charcoal Vertical BBQs
Worked with Anna on her mental blocks, pivoting her sales online, and creating her smart digital offers.

"Georges knows how to sell and make you change your mindset"

Anna Otroshchenko - Otro App Development 
Apps and Software Development 
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